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Guttering and downpipes might not have the makings of the sensationalist stories printed in the gutter press, but ignore their key importance to your home at your peril… and your pocket!

Without a fully functional gutter system in place, water will drip down the side of your house and collect near the foundations, where it can cause damage.  Interior mould and damp resulting from water finding its way into your home are also potential serious health hazards. (Often failing health is what alerts home owners that their fascias, soffits and guttering need replacing). Staining of brick work and stone masonry, rotting fascia boards and soffits, along with rotting door and window frames are further tell-tale signs that replacement uPVC guttering is required.

Guttering and downpipes also prevent rain eroding and damaging the ground around your property and minimises the risk of your garden flooding. Perhaps most importantly of all in view of the British weather, guttering stops you getting wet as without a gutter the rain would gush off the roof and soak you through!

What leaking gutters can do to briick work

In order to avert these issues, it is important that replacement guttering from Fascia Expert, a leading supplier of roofline products, is installed correctly. The edge of the roof should overhang the first half of the gutter, so even the heaviest rainfall will be caught. uPVC Gutters should be firmly fixed to the upvc fascia boards at forty centimetre intervals for wood grain finishes, increasing to sixty centimetre intervals for white guttering. A minimum of four gutter brackets per length of gutter are required. Downpipes must be accurately positioned so water runs far enough away from your house to protect it and should be securely fastened and bracketed to the wall.

As it’s overflow from blocked guttering and downpipes that leads to the range of serious and expensive rotting problems outlined above, it’s essential to check after the winter that the effects of severe weathering haven’t damaged your guttering system. The weight of snow and ice can pull guttering away from the fascia boards, cause guttering to buckle, or contract the guttering so it no longer reaches the edge of the roof and water escapes down the gap between the roof and gutters. Ice and snow can also block the gutter, allowing water as it melts to penetrate roof timbers.

Unlike most of the celebs featured in the gutter press, replacement uPVC guttering from Fascia Expert has an enviable reputation for quality and requires minimal maintenance! Your days of labouriously sanding and painting are at an end with a robust roofing system that won’t rot, warp, peel or discolour!

Fascia Expert uPVC gutters are available in a wide choice of colours, from the ever popular black and white, as well as in a selection of wood finishes.



Gutter Guard

Install Gutter Guard from Fascia Expert and even less maintenance is required, as Gutter Guard prevents leaves, twigs, moss and birds nests from blocking the guttering in the first place! Gutter Guard is therefore especially beneficial if your property is surrounded by trees.

Guaranteed for ten years, with durable, environmentally friendly and BBA approved UPVC guttering,  your satisfaction and peace of mind that your roof system is in optimum working order will last long after today’s gutter press sensationalist headlines are old news!

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