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Polycarbonate stocks large quantities of Polycarbonate sheeting. Our Polycarbonate sheets are available in a range of sizes and colours including Bronze, Clear and Opal, all of which can be used across a variety of building applications including roofing and glazing projects. Polycarbonate sheet is a lightweight damage resistant insulating glazing material that provides resistants to the effects of UV weathering. offers polycarbonate on a 3 day delivery service direct to your door in a range of colours and thicknesses. Please allow 3 working days for the delivery of Polycarbonate sheeting.

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Bronze Polycarbonate

Bronze Polycarbonate

From £45.86 inc. VAT

Bronze Polycarbonate Sheeting
Clear Polycarbonate

Clear Polycarbonate

From £45.86 inc. VAT

Clear Polycarbonate Sheeting
Opal Polycarbonate

Opal Polycarbonate

From £45.86 inc. VAT

Opal Polycarbonate Sheeting

Polycarbonate Sheeting

Polycarbonate Sheeting Application

Polycarbonate sheeting can be used for a number of projects including conservatories, curved roof lights, canopies, skylights, industrial roof lights, vertical glazing, signage, displays, greenhouses, covered walkways and swimming pool covers.

Cut to Size Polycarbonate

One of the many benefits of Polycarbonate is its versatility. Although we stock a range of sizes, should we not have the size you need, Polycarbonate sheets can easily be cut to size.  For more details simply call us on 01254 918 005 or email our team at

Polycarbonate Features & Benefits

Low Cost Compared to Glass

Polycarbonate costs a fraction of what a similar sized double glazed unit would. Polycarbonate is up to 200 times tougher than glass making it resistant to impact and fractures making it the ideal solution for a range of applications including conservatories, canopies, signage and greenhouses.

Energy Efficiency

With a low U Value, Polycarbonate sheeting is one of the most energy efficient glazing options available in the UK. Polycarbonate boasts better U Values than triple glazing or Argon gas filled units, and will reduce energy consumption significantly due to its ability to thermally insulate and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Lightweight – Easy to Install

Polycarbonate sheeting weighs significantly less than glass allowing a hassle free, easy installation.

Range of Colours and Sizes

Bronze Polycarbonate, Opal Polycarbonate and Clear Polycarbonate are all available from Once ordered we will strive to deliver all Polycarbonate orders direct to your door within 3 days of the order being placed. 

All colours are available in various thicknesses including 16mm, 25mm and 32mm, all of which are available as either 1000mm x 2000mmor 1000mm x 3000mm sheets.

Light Transmission & Longevity

Light transmission for Polycarbonate sheeting is in excess of 80% and is maintained throughout the life of the sheet.

The Bronze and Opal Polycarbonate offers solar control, reducing the heat build-up making rooms such as conservatories a pleasant place to relax and unwind in the summer sun.

Polycarbonate sheeting from has a high performance UV absorption layer, co-extruded on the outer surface, which prevents damaging UV radiation from penetrating the sheet. UV protection means longer life and prevention of discolouration and loss of strength.

Help & Advice

If you require any more information relating to all aspects of polycarbonate sheeting please do not hesitate to call us on 01254 918 005 or email us at


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