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Just like every year, we’ve had two weeks of good weather and now it seems like it’s done for the rest of the year!

No-one was prepared for the mini heat wave we had last month, but while we were out sunning in the garden we probably all noticed those home improvements we need to make.

While you might not have felt like being up a ladder, cleaning out the gutter or painting old timber fascia’s, you probably made a mental list of everything you need to do to revamp the exterior of your home! Of course if you had a Gutter Mole, you wouldn’t have to be up there cleaning out your gutters! Fascia’s, Soffits, Gutters, Downpipes, Cladding – we’ve got it. Not only do we have large stocks of them, we have a huge colour range available.  From classic colours such as White, Black and Rosewood to the ever popular Anthracite Grey, Light Oak and Chartwell Green.

However making these home improvement plans can be incredibly daunting…
How much will it cost? What do you need? Can you complete the job yourself?
But don’t worry! At FasciaExpert, we’re here to help.

Measuring Service

We have a new build measuring service, so no matter how big or small, we can take your measurements of the job and convert it into an order for you. Taking the hassle out of the ordering process, we let you know how much to order and exactly what you need to complete the job, and what makes it better, we have it all available with next day delivery, so you won’t be kept waiting!

To use our new build measuring service all you need to do is email either a technical drawing or a picture with measurements to and we’ll send back a detailed list of everything you need to get the job done. Don’t forget we also have a range of easy to follow, fitting instructions, that has everything you need to help you complete your projects to the highest standard. You can also contact us by phone on 01254 918 005, we’re always happy to help.

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