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  When installing or replacing Fascia and Soffit Boards many UK homeowners are choosing the low maintenance, easy to install uPVC solution.  Available with matching uPVC Soffits our uPVC Fascia Boards are now available in a range of colours including Light Oak, Black, White, Cream and Rosewood, all of which (and many more) are available at low prices from Image






Whether you’re feeling up to the challenge or you’re hiring a professional there are a few key things to remember when replacing Fascia and Soffit Boards.

Here are our top 5 tips…


  1. If replacing rotten Fascia or Soffit Boards ensure all of the old wood is completely removed. Applying new uPVC materials over rotten boards will trap moisture potentially causing further rotting which could affect the structure of your building.
  2. It is recommended to remove the bottom 1-2 rows of tiles before beginning the installation to allow for a tight and easy installation.
  3. To avoid discoloration of nails and Fascia Boards, always use stainless steel nails. Here at, we offer stainless steel Polytop Nails with a coloured head to ensure a discrete fixture.
  4. On each edge ensure there is a 5mm gap to allow for expansion, particularly when installing new Fascia and Soffits on a south facing edge.
  5. Always put safety first, working on a roof can be extremely dangerous, if you feel more comfortable asking a professional to complete the task, do so.

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 Replacing your timber Fascia and Soffits with uPVC will not only give you great aesthetic advantage over your neighbours, but their consistent pristine condition could also add value to your property and consequently help you sell a property, should you want to.

All of our Fascia and Soffit Boards are manufactured by Homeline Building Products and are BBA approved ensuring you get the highest quality roofline solution. As with all our uPVC products our Fascia and Soffit Boards come with a lengthy guarantee, learn more about our guarantees here.

Need more help or more advice or have a question about something in our product range? Call our professionals on 01254 918005 or contact us via our contact form.

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