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Fire Rating of uPVC Cladding takes a closer look at the fire ratings of uPVC cladding to provide homeowners more information when choosing materials for their refurbishment or new build project. uPVC cladding has served the UK housing market successfully for over 30 years, but it’s important to distinguish between this type of cladding (domestic cladding) and the cladding often associated with the refurbishment of high rise flats and apartment blocks.

At all of our uPVC cladding, including our popular Shiplap Cladding and Open V cladding is manufactured by Homeline Building Products who are one of the largest manufacturers of uPVC building products in the UK. As you’d expect, the range offered by Homeline is BBA and BSI approved, and whilst this does cover an element of fire ratings, it worth looking at this in more detail in terms of what this means. To help, the below has been taken from Homeline Building Products uPVC Cladding certificate No. 05/4197.


10. Performance in relation to fire.

10.1 When tested to BS 476-6: 1989 the cladding material achieved a fire propagation index (I) of 14.3 with sub-indices (i1), (i2) and (i3)of 6.5, 6.9 and 0.9, respectively.
10.2 When tested in accordance with BS 476-7:1997, the co-extruded material has achieved a Class 1Y surface spread of flame rating.
10.3 Although the spread of flame across the surface of PVC is limited, the material does tend to char and may fall away when exposed to fire. Due consideration should always be given to any combustible materials behind the cladding, which may become exposed in the event of fire. Where necessary, cavity barriers should be incorporated behind the cladding, as required by the relevant building regulations.
10.4 When determining the minimum distance between the sides of a building and the relevant boundary, any area of wall (with the appropriate fire resistance) covered by cellular UPVC cladding is counted as an unprotected area amounting to half the actual area of the cladding.
10.5 Subject to the provisions given in section 10.4, the cladding is suitable for use on external walls other than those requiring a Class 0 external surface (eg external walls less than one metre from a relevant boundary)

The above statement means that our uPVC Homeline Cladding whilst not suitable for all surfaces such as those requiring a Class 0 fire rating, it is ideal for domestic applications including house refurbishments and new build applications as it achieves a Class 1T surface rating which doesn’t mean a lot to the typical homeowner, but this rating basically means that our range of uPVC Cladding will not readily support combustion as it tends to ‘char and fall away’. Whether you choose Anthracite Grey, Irish Oak, Mahogany or a more vibrant colour such as Red (RAL 3011), Green (RAL 6009) or Blue (RAL 5011) Cladding you can really transform the appearance of a property with our range of Homeline uPVC Cladding.

For more information about our range of uPVC cladding please call our team on 01254 918 005 or check out our wide range of colours and trims available online 24/7.

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