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Fascias (the horizontal flat band below the roofline which the guttering attaches to) and soffits (the underside of the fascia) and soffits are essential to preserve the roof structures of your home. Traditionally fascias and soffits were made from timber, so with constant exposure to the changeable British weather conditions, they begin to deteriorate and rot.  This deterioration exposes you to the unwelcome risks of woodworm, vermin infestation and damp.


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The good news is that replacement uPVC fascias and soffits are   inexpensive, when compared with the far greater expense in the long run of rectifying structural damage caused by damp. Therefore, capping over existing uPVC fascias boards and soffits, which might appear to be a cheaper short cut, isn’t worth the risk. Capping accelerates rotting as moisture from the condensation generated by the rising heat from your home is trapped in. In contrast, replacement uPVC fascias and soffits are innovatively engineered to provide the required ventilation to your roof space when used with the correct products such as over fascia ventilation.


Over Fascia Ventilator






uPVC fascias and soffits are fully weather resistant and therefore maintenance free. Never again will you have to face your fear of heights to climb your ladder, or incur the expense and inconvenience of hiring scaffolding to begin sanding and painting your wooden fascias and soffits. Manufactured with a fifteen year guarantee (for white fascias) though likely to last three times as long, a quick wash with warm soapy water is all the up keep your uPVC fascias and uPVC soffits will require to remain their good condition.

In addition to structural protection, they have been designed with aesthetic appearance in mind and so will also rejuvenate your home, whether modern or traditional in style. The colour selection includes grey, black, white, cream, red, blue and green, along with oak, rosewood, and mahogany realistic wood grains. Combining coloured uPVC fascias with white uPVC soffits is also a popular, smart look, as is colour coordinating uPVC fascias and uPVC soffits with your windows and doors. To ensure uPVC fascias complement your home, they are available in a choice of three shapes - Square fascia boards for a boxed effect, Bullnose fascia boards with a rounded edge or Ogee fascia boards with a bevelled edge for a sculpted finish.


Square Fascias

Bullnose Fascias

Ogee Fascias






When people mention “they don’t build them like they used to” it’s true … uPVC fascias and Soffits are better.

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