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Fitting Gutters & Downpipes

Pre Installation Requirements for Gutters & Downpipes

  • Ensure all Health & Safety guidelines are adhered to.
  • Fascia Expert gutters and downpipes are suitable for all applications and types of building, including domestic dwellings, commercial properties and industrial units.
  • Fascia brackets should be spaced at a maximum of 1m apart on straight gutter runs. (800mm in the case of the Ogee Gutters, 600mm in the case of the Hi Capacity Gutters).When using 80mm Round Downpipe with Hi-Cap and Ogee Gutters, fascia brackets should be spaced at a maximum of 800mm intervals.
  • Angles and stopends should have a fascia bracket within 150mm of the fitting.
  • A supporting pipe clip should be used on shoes, branches and bends where necessary.
  • Support downpipes below offset and at maximum intervals of 1.8 metres.

Installation Procedure for Gutters & Downpipes

  •  Where necessary remove the old gutters and downpipes and replace old timber fascia boards with low maintenance uPVC fascia boards from Fascia Expert.
  • Establish the position of the running outlet, usually over an existing drain where possible, and fix securely to fascia board.
  • Fix a fascia bracket 100mm short of furthest point from the outlet. Allow for a fall to the outlet (1:350 is recommended) using a string line.  
  • Fix fascia and union brackets at required intervals.
  • Fascia brackets should be positioned so as to avoid the fixing screws splitting the top edge of any timber fascia board. All brackets should be secured to the fascia board with two 25mm x 5mm screws or one 32mm x 6.5mm screw. Fascia Expert “Cast Iron” fascia brackets must have two fixings.
  •  Gutter Unions should be fixed using a 25mm x 5mm screw for extra strength.
  • Gutter Outlets and Angles should be fixed using two 25mm x 5mm for extra strength.
  • In areas of heavy snowfall it is recommended that each fascia bracket is secured using two 25mm x 5mm screws.
  • Rainwater downpipe clips should be fixed using two 32mm x 6.5mm screws.
  • Use round headed screws as supplied by Fascia Expert.
  • Lubricate all gutter seals with silicone spray lubricant to ensure an easy fit and to allow for movement caused by expansion and contraction if different weather conditions.
  • Working from the running outlet insert the back edge of the gutter under the retaining lip of the wrap around clip. Using slight downward pressure on the gutter snap the front edge of the retaining clip over the front of the gutter to complete the installation.

Compatibility Chart

To check Rainwater System compatibility please click here.


Download Step by Step Installation Guide

To download a step by step installation guide - GUTTERING click here.



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