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White uPVC Eco Core Cap-Over Fascias

Eco Core Reveal Liner 100mm (White)
Homeline £17.78 inc. VAT
Eco Core Reveal Liner 150mm (White)
Homeline £19.39 inc. VAT
Eco Core Reveal Liner 175mm (White)
Homeline £22.72 inc. VAT
Eco Core Reveal Liner 200mm (White)
Homeline £26.75 inc. VAT
Eco Core Reveal Liner 225mm (White)
Homeline £31.68 inc. VAT
Eco Core Reveal Liner 250mm (White)
Homeline £36.12 inc. VAT
Eco Core Reveal Liner 300mm (White)
Homeline £44.09 inc. VAT
Eco Core Reveal Liner 400mm (White)
Homeline £61.37 inc. VAT

The 9mm Eco-Core Cap Over Fascias are often referred to as 'Cappit Boards' or 'Cover Board Fascias' in the trade. This recycled product is used in various applications, including covering existing timber fascias or barge boards which are in sound condition. This product is also suitable for full replacement uPVC fascia installations where timber/plywood backing boards are used. All trims are supplied as a 5m length. recommends against using this product if fixed onto rotten timber. 

Manufacturer: Homeline
Product Code: ERC
Accreditation: BBA Approved 09/4639
Material: uPVC
Length: 5m
Thickness: 9mm
Guarantee: 15 years

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